Feb 012015


Anybody can buy a bike.
Many people can ride one.
You’ve gotta be a complete air head to build one.

On this website we like to include all variations of hand built motorcycles from classics to café racers, choppers to flat trackers. Ideally, we like ’em air cooled (the clue’s in our name), but there are some ace boilers out there as well. If you’d like to see your build included on our website, why not email some pictures and a description to mybike@theairheads.co.uk.

If you’re building a bike and need the assistance of some craftsmen to fix the bits you don’t want to tackle, take a look in our ‘Craftsmen’ section. Particularly useful if you’re near Bristol, UK like us.

Aug 292017

Yam-n-eggs made it’s annual appearance at this years Bristol Bike Show. The event was well run as ever and, although there were a lot of pretty Harleys, there was also a bit more variation this year, such as:

Some very peculiar custom builds like this near-a-car scooter like thing that must have taken hours to build and attracted a great deal of attention.
Some other pretty trick XS650 builds as well like this one which had been meticulously put together:

Jul 162017

What a great event The Malle Mile is. A weekend of biking shenanigins in the grounds of a stately home, what’s not to like?
I’ve just come across another excellent video of the event in which you can just spot a certain XS650 Yamaha lining up for the off in the sprint race. It had to be shared:

Loads of fun, but not quite as comical as the Hoxton Moto take on the event:

Apr 232017

The Bristol Italian Moto Festival never fails to bring out some interesting exotica, and this year was no exception. One of my favourites was an ultimate cafe racer, the Bimoto Tesi 2D. A Ducati Vee twin engined bizarre looking machine that had the crowds puzzling over which end was which. It’s alledged to be very nimble due to it’s hub centre steering and light weight. A valuable machine from the mid ’90s that is supposed to be a joy to ride.

An interesting classic, this little 250 overhead cam Parilla from the early ’60s is very rare. Apparently only a handful were imported and only two are known to exist today, both owners living near Bristol.

And this shiny little number is just very pretty in a most Italian way, with it’s cam drive visible through a little window on the head.

Feb 052017

Some interesting bits and pieces from the Bristol Classic Bike Show at the Bath & West Showgrounds, Shepton Mallet.

I passed my test on a borrowed Bridgestone 90, owned a Suzuki 500 Gamma and have raced 100cc Karts in the 70’s, so rotary disk valve engines hold special memories for me. The Kawasaki A1 250 Samurai (c1967) was one of the best early examples of these engine in a production motorcycle.

It still looks quite modern and, at 31 BHP, it’s powerfull for a 250.

This Raleigh three wheeler was an absolute gem, mostly because of the owners account of his restoration.

Believed to be one of only 3 on the road it has a Raleigh made V twin engine that the owner tracked down after looking for one for over 20 years. It had spent time in a ditch and a junk yard before being rebuilt.

I love a cutaway, so this fully functional cutaway of a Vincent engine was a delight. Surely it was made as an exhibit and somebody hasn’t actually taken a hacksaw to an extremely valuable Vincent engine?

This is also a Vincent, but a very small one – a Vincent no shadow?

A Maseratti this time. A stunning 50cc racer.

A neat “Slippery Sam” replica.

Excelsior made 2 stroke engines for a variety of application from Berkeley three wheelers to this little moped.

Little REX moped was a front wheel, direct drive machine.

Jul 312016

Classic and Pre ’65 Scramble this weekend was dominated by the Irish contingent on JAP bikes that sounded lovely. This shot of John Griffiths was typical of the huge lead one or other of them had in most races they entered.

These two were just so fast on their Yamaha XS650 (taken out to 840) powered outfits.


Some were very pretty.

Some were real engineering works of art.

The carpark contained some gems as well, like this Enfield Metisse.

Jul 232016

A pretty good turn out of Yamaha XS650s at this years DirtQuake. This one was very pretty, and the owner obviously wanted to keep it that way, because it was ridden carefully.
Others were a bit more rough and ready but had some interesting mods, including the hydraulic clutch and oil cooler on this one.
One stood out as doing well in the races, aided by the uprated forks and hand build frame, which made it a lot lighter than the standard lump.