Feb 012015


Anybody can buy a bike.
Many people can ride one.
You’ve gotta be a complete air head to build one.

On this website we like to include all variations of hand built motorcycles from classics to café racers, choppers to flat trackers. Ideally, we like ’em air cooled (the clue’s in our name), but there are some ace boilers out there as well. If you’d like to see your build included on our website, why not email some pictures and a description to mybike@theairheads.co.uk.

If you’re building a bike and need the assistance of some craftsmen to fix the bits you don’t want to tackle, take a look in our ‘Craftsmen’ section. Particularly useful if you’re near Bristol, UK like us.

Feb 042018

Possibly the most beautifully over engineered RD350 ever spotted at the Bristol Classic MotorCycle Show. Almost every alloy bit has been remade from billet. The NC machine work on this machine is a work of art. It’s also got lots of trick parts like the upside down forks, massive brakes, sturdy swinging arm and see through alternator cover.

Nov 222017

A very chunky looking Indian tracker from Motorcycle Live 2017

Oct 012017

This bobber’s a really beautifully engineered bitsa. Kawasaki Z400 engine, but pretty much everything else is custom built to high standards. It’s kick only, however the kickstart would hit the foot rest, so it has a push button release to remove it for starting. Just one of the many quirky, clever and nicely made bits to this machine. Gold pinstripes were hand painted by the owner.

A simple speedo on the bars keeps the look clean but it’s nice to know the revs when setting tickover etc, so a digital rev counter can be viewed through the crankshaft viewing window – neat.

The keyless ignition is switched on by a press of a button on the key fob, which illuminates the warning lights set into a tidy console behind the tank.

Nicely arranged air filters are mounted on extensions to avoid fouling the frame. Extensions are welded sections of exhaust pipe covered in black sleeving.

French army leather ammo pouches make a handy tool bag for plug spanner, etc.

And here’s the proud owner himself Mr Steve Kilbey.

Sep 282017

Yam-n-eggs makes it on to the Ride Culture video!
Take a look at this short video from 12th/13th May 2017 and spot the glimpses of the red beast at the show (click images):

Aug 292017

Yam-n-eggs made it’s annual appearance at this years Bristol Bike Show. The event was well run as ever and, although there were a lot of pretty Harleys, there was also a bit more variation this year, such as:

Some very peculiar custom builds like this near-a-car scooter like thing that must have taken hours to build and attracted a great deal of attention.
Some other pretty trick XS650 builds as well like this one which had been meticulously put together:

Jul 162017

What a great event The Malle Mile is. A weekend of biking shenanigins in the grounds of a stately home, what’s not to like?
I’ve just come across another excellent video of the event in which you can just spot a certain XS650 Yamaha lining up for the off in the sprint race. It had to be shared:

Loads of fun, but not quite as comical as the Hoxton Moto take on the event:

A win for me on this run – yippie