Feb 272015

The way Lamb engineering produce their motorcycles is a thing of wonder. The detailing on everything I’ve seen from them has been superb, and this one is no exception.

Bikes like these are hard to categorise. The name implies that it’s a chopper, but it embodies many features of a board tracker. What we know is it’s really an 88 cubic inch RevTech engine in a custom hard tail frame with cantilever forks and machined wheels, plus paint by Del Whittaker from Bath.

It’s won many awards: Best in show Rock and blues, Bulldog bash, Pecquencourt france. Bask street heroes bike of the year 2007. Best in show Rosmalen holland, 17th place in AMD sturgis world championships 2007.

Read more here: http://www.lamb-engineering.com/bikes/lamb-chop-ii/index.html

lamb side

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