Jul 252015

A neat custom XS650 Yamaha flat tracker spotted at the Calne Bike Meet. I particularly liked the silver frame, but not so fond of the all black engine. Very tiny LED indicators and neat wiring. Shocks look like the same ones that I’ve used and the exhaust is great, but looks like a real leg burner. Fork brace and front brake are cool.

Not a huge variation at this years event, with Harleys dominating the streets, many of them very good, but it’s nice to see a variation.

  One Response to “A rival at the Calne Bike Meet”

  1. Just came across the comments on my tracker – thanks very much. Still work to do but it’s getting there, 4 years to get this far, saving up to get 18″ wire wheels with more suitable tyres. Standard engine with starter removed and completely rewired, GPZ500 carbs (much lighter and more modern) and PMA ignition. Spray can paint which I hope to be able to get properly done sometime.

    As long as I keep my leg slightly out kinked out the heat from the exhaust is no problem.

    Personally I prefer an all black engine with alloy detailing but each to there own! Be very dull if we were all the same.

    Cheers, Paul

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