Apr 102016

IMG_20160410_171934923_HDR IMG_20160410_172016724

I’ve been doing some work on my flat tracker “Yam’n eggs” for the spring. Firstly, it started second kick, despite me forgetting to charge the battery all winter – great news. This must mean that my wiring and solid state rectifier/voltage regulator thingy does not have any significant leakage current, because the little battery would definitely be flat if it did.

Secondly, the carbs have not got bunged up, so the fuel filters are working, and draining the float bowls for the winter was a good idea.

Finally, I’ve fitted a rear mudguard now. Well, a short one anyway, to stop road muck being flicked up onto the swinging arm. Hopefully, re-using the old rubber mount points will prevent the thing suffering from too many vibration issues.

Front mudguard to follow from the other half of this old stainless guard.

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