Jul 202016

What a fabulous celebration of motorcycling and just having fun on and off bikes the DirtQuake is. Even the bands were good and the rockabilly style of The Fuzillis on Saturday night fitted in with the vibe perfectly. The wall of death was also a sight to see and the kids pedal bike run around the track was a laugh, particularly the little tot on the push along bike.

It would appear that beards and tats are pretty much mandatory amongst the younger contingent.

I’m prepared to waffle on about the benefits of Norton Roadholder forks etc with the other old boys that I meet at most motorcycle events. However, it’s great to see some youthful exuberance and the desire to just get on and gas it on a slippery track. The average age of motorcyclists has increased year on year, but this sort of event injects so much energy into our sport to keep it alive and helps to reverse that trend. It’s pretty inclusive though, as some older riders were doing well amongst the young bloods.
Just a shame that Carl Fogarty and Guy Martin were racing in different classes, because everyone would have like to see that face-off. Guy’s Harley was just pipped to the post this year when beaten by an old BSA A65.

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