Feb 052017

Some interesting bits and pieces from the Bristol Classic Bike Show at the Bath & West Showgrounds, Shepton Mallet.

I passed my test on a borrowed Bridgestone 90, owned a Suzuki 500 Gamma and have raced 100cc Karts in the 70’s, so rotary disk valve engines hold special memories for me. The Kawasaki A1 250 Samurai (c1967) was one of the best early examples of these engine in a production motorcycle.

It still looks quite modern and, at 31 BHP, it’s powerfull for a 250.

This Raleigh three wheeler was an absolute gem, mostly because of the owners account of his restoration.

Believed to be one of only 3 on the road it has a Raleigh made V twin engine that the owner tracked down after looking for one for over 20 years. It had spent time in a ditch and a junk yard before being rebuilt.

I love a cutaway, so this fully functional cutaway of a Vincent engine was a delight. Surely it was made as an exhibit and somebody hasn’t actually taken a hacksaw to an extremely valuable Vincent engine?

This is also a Vincent, but a very small one – a Vincent no shadow?

A Maseratti this time. A stunning 50cc racer.

A neat “Slippery Sam” replica.

Excelsior made 2 stroke engines for a variety of application from Berkeley three wheelers to this little moped.

Little REX moped was a front wheel, direct drive machine.

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