Oct 012017

This bobber’s a really beautifully engineered bitsa. Kawasaki Z400 engine, but pretty much everything else is custom built to high standards. It’s kick only, however the kickstart would hit the foot rest, so it has a push button release to remove it for starting. Just one of the many quirky, clever and nicely made bits to this machine. Gold pinstripes were hand painted by the owner.

A simple speedo on the bars keeps the look clean but it’s nice to know the revs when setting tickover etc, so a digital rev counter can be viewed through the crankshaft viewing window – neat.

The keyless ignition is switched on by a press of a button on the key fob, which illuminates the warning lights set into a tidy console behind the tank.

Nicely arranged air filters are mounted on extensions to avoid fouling the frame. Extensions are welded sections of exhaust pipe covered in black sleeving.

French army leather ammo pouches make a handy tool bag for plug spanner, etc.

And here’s the proud owner himself Mr Steve Kilbey.

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