Things in this section defy categorisation, and possibly reason.

  • Kawasaki Bitsa 1st October 2017
      This bobber’s a really beautifully engineered bitsa. Kawasaki Z400 engine, but pretty much everything else is custom built to hight standards.
  • Bristol Bike Show 19th Aug 29th August 2017
      Yam-n-eggs made is annual appearance at this years Bristol Bike Show. The event was well run as ever and, although there were a lot of pretty Harleys, there was also a bit more variation this year.
  • Italian Moto Festival 23rd April 2017
      The Bristol Italian Moto Festival never fails to bring out some interesting exotica, and this year was no exception.
  • Bristol Classic Bike Show 5th February 2017
      Some interesting bits and pieces from the Bristol Classic Bike Show at the Bath & West Showgrounds, Shepton Mallet.
  • Not an air head and not even a bike 19th June 2016
      I had to post some pictures of these little bad boys for interest sake, even though they are liquid cooled and not even bikes. They were racing at the supermoto meeting I recently went to at Pembrey in Wales and are know as Superlites. Using a snowmobile twin cylinder Bombarder Rotax two stroke ...
  • Wankel 29th January 2016
      Perhaps it’s the name that has made it difficult for a bike with this engine to gain popularity, or perhaps the’ve never been developed enough. Either way, it’s rare to see a bike on the road with a Wankel engine, even though they offer super smooth, turbine like power.
  • Rational Radial 27th May 2015
      Lovely to see this quirky beast at The Bike Shed, London. It’s called Aeropeu, a 9 cylinder radial model aircraft engine in a cycle frame. An incredible 1930 Peogeot frame with a beautiful methanol snorting 9 cylinder radial engine in it! Brilliant.
  • Westonzoyland Sprint 9th May 2015
      On 9th May 2015 I ventured to my first Westonzoyland Sprint. It must be quite an adrenaline rush to wind open the throttle of these high-powered bikes, some vintage, some new. This one’s an ancient JAP powered, methanol burning, fire breathing dragon! Motorcycle sprinting is organised in the UK by the National Sprint Association. Although ...
  • The Flying Millyard 12th April 2015
      Now, what to do with that old 5 litre aircraft engine hanging about in the shed. How about a giant V Twin motorcycle hill climb special? Well somebody’s got to do it, even if it virtually lifts off the ground on each stroke at tick over. Not a high rever, but enough ...
  • Grayson Perry to replace Jeremy Clarkson 26th March 2015
      My reasoning behind wanting Grayson for the Top Gear job is simple. In practice, auto exotica is a lot more about art than people are willing to acknowledge. If you try to use all the performance of fast cars or bikes on the highway you’ll either end up dead or nicked. It’s ...
  • A very special Moto Guzzi 18th March 2015
      Believed to be a ‘Triking’, this elegant special uses a Moto Guzzi engine in a Morgan like 3 wheeler chassis. It’s allegedly good for 120mph or so, with 0-60mph in 7.4 seconds and about 50mpg.
  • Not so much a Vee as a Three 23rd February 2015
      Not so much a Vee as a Three. Just one example of the crazy stuff that comes out of a bike build off. What will the 2015 Deus Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build Off on May 3rd produce? Round the world, on one weekend in May, five continents will celebrate the challenge of the Bike Build off ...
  • Minimal Machine 22nd February 2015
      Touring version to follow?
  • Board Tracker 22nd February 2015
      There is something just so right about old Harleys in this board tracker form. Not something you could realistically use for, well anything really, but great looking and who wouldn’t want a go on this? This one was at Bike Shed II in 2013