Café Racers

  • Super RD 4th February 2018
      Possibly the most beautifully over engineered RD350 ever spotted at the Bristol Classic MotorCycle Show. Almost every alloy bit has been remade from billet. The NC machine work on this machine is a work of art.
  • Italian Moto Festival 23rd April 2017
      The Bristol Italian Moto Festival never fails to bring out some interesting exotica, and this year was no exception.
  • Castle Combe Circuit Motorcycle Grand National Race Weekend 28th June 2015
      Some great racing at Castle Combe this weekend, together with some interesting stuff in the pits. The Lansdowne Classic Series race was won by a Matchless G50, beating the Manx Nortons for once. A beautifully crafted Benelli Sei with alloy everything, including seat and fairing, ridden very carefully in the classic parade.
  • Norton George 5th June 2015
      Norton George is probably the leading Norton expert in the world. His latest project is a café racer and was spotted at a recent Dinnington docks event. It’s a lowboy Manx frame, made in chrome-moly tube and modified to hold a single knocker manx engine.
  • Cafe Rouge 28th February 2015
      We’ve raved on about the way Lamb engineering produce their motorcycles elsewhere on this website, because they are all things of wonder. As usual, the detailing is superb on this original version photographed at The Bike Shed III in May 2014. Since then things have changed a little, so take a look over ...
  • Triton Tripple 27th February 2015
      This may well be the prettiest Triton ever. A Norton Featherbed wideline frame with a T160 Triumph Trident engine.
  • Guzzi Grande 22nd February 2015
      This beautiful Moto Guzzi was snapped at the September 2014 Bristol Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride. I’m sure 1000’s of hours work must have gone into building this lovely machine. There are so many hand made components on this bike that you can walk round it spotting one after another stunning bit. Not being ...
  • Dukes of Hazard 21st February 2015
      There’s nothing quite like a Ducati to set the heart racing, and this one’s a beaut. If you’ve got a bike with a dry clutch you may as well make the most of it and cut things away so that you can see it spinning round. You’re going to put up with the ...
  • Pre-unit 650 Triumph 21st February 2015
      Originally this bike was a T110, but it was ‘bonnivillised’ by the addition of twin carbs and a Weslake cam/followers, plus removal of the ‘slickshift’ from the gearbox. Further work included the obvious Café racer mods, twin leading shoe front brake and finned oil feeds.