Flat trackers


The mixed up world of flat trackers, street trackers and some bobbers.

  • Indian 22nd November 2017
      A very chunky looking Indian tracker from Motorcycle Live 2017
  • Yam-n-eggs on film 28th September 2017
      Yam-n-eggs makes it on to the Ride Culture video! Take a look at this short video from 12th/13th May 2017 and spot the glimpses of the red beast at the show.
  • Bristol Bike Show 19th Aug 29th August 2017
      Yam-n-eggs made is annual appearance at this years Bristol Bike Show. The event was well run as ever and, although there were a lot of pretty Harleys, there was also a bit more variation this year.
  • The Malle Mile 16th July 2017
      What a great event The Malle Mile is. A weekend of biking shenanigins in the grounds of a stately home, what’s not to like?
  • Brit bike bonanza 31st July 2016
      Classic and Pre ’65 Scramble this weekend was dominated by the Irish contingent on JAP bikes that sounded lovely.
  • In XS 23rd July 2016
      A pretty good turn out of Yamaha XS650s at this years DirtQuake. This one was very pretty, and the owner obviously wanted to keep it that way, because it was ridden carefully. Others were a bit more rough and ready but had some interesting mods, including the hydraulic clutch and oil cooler on this one. One ...
  • DirtQuake 20th July 2016
      What a fabulous celebration of motorcycling and just having fun on and off bikes the DirtQuake is. Even the bands were good and the rockabilly style of The Fuzillis on Saturday night fitted in with the vibe perfectly. The wall of death was also a sight to see and the kids pedal bike run ...
  • Yam ‘n eggs out for the spring 10th April 2016
      I’ve been doing some work on my flat tracker “Yam’n eggs” for the spring. Firstly, it started second kick despite me forgetting to charge the battery all winter – great news. This must mean that my wiring and solid state rectifier/voltage regulator thingy does not have any significant leakage current, because the little ...
  • Amman Valley DTRA Flat track 8th August 2015
      Some of the stunning, well prepared machinery at the Amman DTRA Flat track. Such a friendly bunch as well. Happy to discuss their machines and riding styles with anyone. Great to see some old machinery being really pushed and responding well to it (particularly the Triumphs).
  • A rival at the Calne Bike Meet 25th July 2015
      A neat custom XS650 Yamaha flat tracker spotted at the Calne Bike Meet. I particularly liked the silver frame, but not so fond of the all black engine. Very tiny LED indicators and neat wiring.
  • Yam ‘n eggs 22nd April 2015
      My 650 Yamaha has passed it’s M.O.T. test today. A major milestone reached on the way to full UK registration! I’m pretty happy with the way it’s come together. The tank, seat and exhaust, together with the tyres, give it a great flat track look. Those exhausts are a little too ...
  • TriBSA 13th April 2015
      The alternative to a Triton – the Norton framed equivalent of this machine – is a Triumph engine in a BSA frame. This looks like a duplex BSA A10 frame has been used instead of the Norton Featherbed commonly used for Tritons. BSA A65 frames were also commonly used. In 1973 the Triumph ...
  • TZ750 flat-tracker 14th March 2015
      In 1975 Kenny Roberts(AKA King Kenny) rode a flat-tracker powered by a two-stroke Yamaha TZ750 four-cylinder to a dramatic victory, passing the Harleys on the last lap to take the win on a bike that many, including Roberts, considered too powerful to ride. To this day, Roberts calls it “the best individual ride” he ...
  • Harley-Davidson XR1200 4th March 2015
      This is the Harley for non Harley lovers, as it’s relatively quick and handles pretty well. Not strictly a hand built motorcycle but, for a few short years, Harley finally got round to making a road going version of their legendary XR750 that dominated american flat track racing for years. They selected the best bits ...
  • Zaeta Italian Flat-tracker 2nd March 2015
      It’s just possible that the worlds coolest flat trackers come from Italy, not USA or UK. Just look at the Italian “techno-magneso” anti-corodal 6082 billet aluminum frame detail on this machine. It was fashioned with help from a group of ex-MotoGP engineers who call themselves In-Motion. Located in Bologna, In-Motion develops and produces ...
  • XS Local boy makes good 25th February 2015
      Spotted on the streets of Clifton, Bristol. This nicely engineered bike is obviously very useable.
  • KTM tracker by RSD 24th February 2015
      RSD or Roland Sands Design certainly present a sleek and unified look to their bikes. This one is truly functional as well. Check out the video on this link Roland Sands Design to see it zip round the Perris Raceway in California, USA. A KTM 690 engine is probably one of the best modern ...