• The Malle Mile 16th July 2017
      What a great event The Malle Mile is. A weekend of biking shenanigins in the grounds of a stately home, what’s not to like?
  • Italian Moto Festival 23rd April 2017
      The Bristol Italian Moto Festival never fails to bring out some interesting exotica, and this year was no exception.
  • Bristol Classic Bike Show 5th February 2017
      Some interesting bits and pieces from the Bristol Classic Bike Show at the Bath & West Showgrounds, Shepton Mallet.
  • Brit bike bonanza 31st July 2016
      Classic and Pre ’65 Scramble this weekend was dominated by the Irish contingent on JAP bikes that sounded lovely.
  • Wankel 29th January 2016
      Perhaps it’s the name that has made it difficult for a bike with this engine to gain popularity, or perhaps the’ve never been developed enough. Either way, it’s rare to see a bike on the road with a Wankel engine, even though they offer super smooth, turbine like power.
  • Westonzoyland Sprint 9th May 2015
      On 9th May 2015 I ventured to my first Westonzoyland Sprint. It must be quite an adrenaline rush to wind open the throttle of these high-powered bikes, some vintage, some new. This one’s an ancient JAP powered, methanol burning, fire breathing dragon! Motorcycle sprinting is organised in the UK by the National Sprint Association. Although ...
  • The Flying Millyard 12th April 2015
      Now, what to do with that old 5 litre aircraft engine hanging about in the shed. How about a giant V Twin motorcycle hill climb special? Well somebody’s got to do it, even if it virtually lifts off the ground on each stroke at tick over. Not a high rever, but enough ...
  • Sammy Miller Museum 23rd February 2015
      Not just one classic but hundreds of them. The Sammy Miller Museum ( between Southhampton and Bournemouth is and absolute must to visit for anybody interested in almost any area of motorcycling. There are rare bikes from road racing, trials, scramble and speedway, as well as straight classics to be found here. ...
  • Rickman Metisse, just like Steve 23rd February 2015
      What motorcyclist hasn’t dreamt of being one of our hero’s on their favoured machine? Today, that could be Marc Márquez on his Repsol Honda but, in the sixties/seventies, it could have been Steve McQueen riding a Rickman Metisse desert racer. This iconic classic bike was built to Steve’s own design with a 650cc ...
  • Twenty One today 22nd February 2015
      1962 Triumph 21 (also known as 3TA) 350cc Triumph. Completely rebuilt over 20 years ago. Most of it’s life before then was spend in three tea chests where it was stored “awaiting rebuild” for about a further 20 years. Fortunately, pretty much everything was there. Now regularly maintained and still going ...
  • Dot com 21st February 2015
      Great to see old classics actually being used, and successfully as well. I built a D.O.T. (Devoid of Trouble) machine myself many years ago, but it was nowhere near as neat and durable as this well built machine snapped at a Breakheart Quarry classic trial a couple of years ago. The old Villiers ...