Everyone who builds bikes thinks they can ‘have a go’ at all aspects of the build. While this is a reasonable starting point, quite a few things are best left to the experts. Not everyone has powder coat bake oven or paint spray booth to achieve the finish they’re looking for, so we’ve put together a list of recommended craftsmen to call on. These are primarily people who are close to Bristol, UK, as that’s where we’re based. Nobody wants to haul a frame half way across the country if they can avoid it!

JS Trimmers do a lovely job of covering your ugly block of foam to transform it into a neat looking seat. Contact Jamie ( for more information.

Bristol Powder Coating (RPA) – Warren takes pride in achieving a really good finish on your frame or other cycle parts and doesn’t charge the earth either.

Ace of Sprays – Ace takes care in getting a really professional finish for the paint on your pride and joy.

Doug Taylor Metal Finishing Co. – The Experts For Metal Finishing & Chrome Plating.